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To view our plant selections, choose the genus you are interested in to obtain plant information and a listing of varieties and cultivars. Most descriptions include a hardiness zone that can be viewed on the USDA hardiness zone map.

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 Terms & Conditions Acer   Chionanthus   Rhododendron (pink)
 Plant Selections Aesculus Clethra Rhododendron (red)
 News Amelanchier Cornus Rhododendron (white)
Azalea (pink) Enkianthus Rhododendron (lavender/purple)
Azalea (red) Fothergilla Stewartia
Azalea (white) Halesia Syringa

Azalea (lavender/purple) Hydrangea Taxodium
Buxus (interspecific hybrids) Ilex Taxus
Buxus (microphylla cultivars) Itea Thuja
Buxus (sempervirens cultivars) Kalmia Tsuga
Buxus (sinica cultivars) Myrica  

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